Let's make our beach accessible for everyone!

Lennox Head has long been known for its surfing culture. The recent success of para surfer and Lennox local Joel Taylor has raised the profile of adaptive surfing and will undoubtedly inspire others with disabilities to take up surfing. It will also ensure that the 1 in 5 (20%) of Australians who identify as living with disability can experience the mental and physical benefits of a day at the beach.

An accessible beach access point will also create opportunities for adaptive surfing events and specialist surf coaching for people living with disability and older people with mobility limitations in Lennox Head. Co-locating the entrance point with a operation Surf Club also provides for a broader range of opportunities, including greater inclusion of children living with disability in Nippers.

There are many components that make a beach accessible, which can be achieved incrementally over time. These include:

  • Multiple accessible parking bays in a well-located position close to access points
  • Wide clear pathways
  • Accessible bathrooms and changing rooms
  • Direct beach access from the pathways
  • Beach matting to the water’s edge
  • Beach wheelchairs
  • Compliant ramps if needed
  • Access to shade and fresh water
  • Food outlets nearby

By signing this petition you are supporting a Motion by Councillor Kiri Dicker to being the process of planning for an accessible beach entrance at Seven Mile Beach (Lennox Head) in the current Delivery Program.

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