What is being proposed?

This strategic action proposes to identify and assess the feasibility of character buildings and precincts in relation to character and heritage value in the original Lennox village and explore ways to preserve character into the future. The most likely way of doing this will be through incentive-based initiatives, such as funding opportunities to enable owners to maintain character and heritage buildings, as opposed to more strict planning controls that have been used elsewhere.

Why is this being proposed?

Can you think of your favourite house in the Lennox Village? Mine is shown below in this fantastic image by local photographer Natalie Grono. On the other side of the road is an older brick house I also admire.

Credit: Natalie Grono

Sadly these older style houses and beach shacks are gradually being demolished to make way for gigantic architecturally designed mega-home built right out to the boundaries. A strong message from the community consultants that informed that plan was that Lennox Head residents were experiencing a high level of “growth fatigue” and many were grieving the loss of the village character.

What are the benefits?

Strengthening of the desired built form character of key areas within the village can create a stronger sense of place and reinforce the community’s connection with the settlement heritage of the area.

What are the risks?

The most likely reason that this would be opposed is because property owners may feel like additional controls on the style of housing, they can build will infringe their “property rights”. Some people may feel like this initiative is too little, too late and that most of the character buildings in Lennox Head have been demolished anyway.

That said, not all forms of character precincts involve changes to planning controls. For example, Council could opt for an incentive-based system only. For example, Council may decide to waive developer contributions for builders who maintain certain design features that have been determined to contribute to the character if the village, such as low fences or the use of (or avoidance of) certain building materials.  

Tell us what you think?

Tell us what you think about Strategic Action #12 of the Lennox Head Strategic Plan but making a formal submission on the Your Say Ballina website here: https://www.yoursayballina.com.au/lennox-head-strategic-plan

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