Housing in the Ballina Shire is cooked.

Home ownership is fast becoming a dream for many young people and families and rents are higher than ever (if you can find one).

Everyone likes to talk about it, but when it comes to actually doing something we're full of excuses as to why we can't.

But we can...

Ballina Council is in a unique position of owning residential land in Lennox Head and Wollongbar. It's land that belongs to the people and it should be used for the good of the community.

Using this land as an affordable "build to rent" housing development for our local workforce would keep local people connected to their communities, support local businesses and drive down rental prices for everyone.

It would also provide a recurrent income stream Council to keep rates low and continue to provide top quality public services.

This would not be "public" or "social" housing. This would be good quality, sustainble, diverse and accessible housing, rented to local workers at a price they can afford.

Want to learn more? Download our Housing Manifesto.

I support the Greens proposal to
  • Use Council-owned residential land in Lennox Head and Wollongbar to build affordable homes for local workers, with the rent fixed at 25% of their gross household income.
  • Do not sell Council-owned residential land to private interests unless the profits are explicitly used to fund affordable housing projects.
  • Develop an Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme to make big developers to make a cash contribution to fund affordable housing in the Ballina Shire.
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